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Universal Air & Gas Products Corp.

Stationary SCBA and SCUBA Breathing Air Compressor Systems and Components

MAT-800 Series, Mobile Air Trailer

Universal Air & Gas Products (UAPC) has answered the call of the municipal fire market by supplying and servicing MAKO designed and manufactured products. Our product range includes breathing air compressor systems, air storage systems, and SCBA refilling stations to meet your arduous requirements. A world leader in breathing air technology, you can count on our time tested and performance proven systems to handle your most rigorous needs. For SCBA or SCUBA filling pressure up to 6000 psig, our robust products meet the challenges of the fire services industry.

Whether you are looking for a complete breathing air system or just a simple SCBA fill station you can feel comfortable that MAKO is ISO certified assuring you the quality and reliability that you deserve when you purchase a breathing air product. Product customization, turnkey installation, site training and ongoing maintenance services are all available through Universal Air & Gas Products. For Government customers, UAPC offers MAKO products through its BUY GSA site.

We at Universal Air & Gas Products Corporation is association with MAKO look forward to meeting your breathing air requirements with the systems described. Contact us for site review, product selection and pricing.

Unit of Measure


Trailer Lengths

N/A Up to 30 ft


N/A Complete Protection from the Elements Easy Portability Quiet Room Unmatched Customization

Options Available

N/A (4) Point Stabilization 1, 2 or 3 Bottle Containment Fill Stations Awnings Choice of Color Custom Wheel Design DOT air storage cylinders Generators Heating & Cooling Hose Reel Inside and Outside Lighting Power Tounge Jacks Ramp Doors Removable Lights

Gas Compressor Types

N/A Duplex (Multiple Compressors) Reciprocating Rotary Screw Rotary Vane

Power Ratings

N/A Reciprocating: From 1 to 150hp Rotary: From 1 to 500hp

Gas Flow Rate

N/A 5 to 2600 scfm

Pressure Rate

N/A 3000 to 6000 psig

Reciprocating Pump Features

N/A Bare blocks or turnkey custom packages Compressor/Boosters, 1 or 2 stage, vertical or horizontal

Rotary Pump Features

N/A Base/tank mounted, open or cabinet enclosed Diesel-driven construction portable & utility Standard packages or turnkey custom designs

Lubrication Options

N/A Oil Lubricated Oil-Free Oil-Less

Cooling Options

N/A Air Cooled Aftercooler Air Cooled Compressor Block Air Cooled Entirely Air Cooled Intercooler (If Multi-Staged) Water Cooled Aftercooler Water Cooled Compressor Block Water Cooled Entirely Water Cooled Intercooler (If Multi-Staged)

Installation Site

N/A Hazardous (Explosive gas or dust potentially present) Inside Inside-Water Exposed Outside Outside-Salt Air Exposed Outside-Weather Exposed

Types of Media

N/A Ammonia Argon Butadiene Butane Carbon Dioxide Compressed Natural Gas Ethylene Hydrogen Nitrogen Propane Propylene Vinyl Chloride

Drive Type

N/A Diesel Gas Hydraulic

Electrical Standards:

N/A First Response Emergency Certified

Electric Motor Standards

N/A CSA (Canadian Standards Association) IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) IP Code (International Protection Rating) NEMA

Electric Motor Options

N/A Direct Coupled Explosion Proof Flexible V-Belt Drive Fungus Protection Mill & Chemical Duty Open Drip Proof (ODP) Space Heater Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)

Gas Dryer Options

N/A Desiccant dryer Membrane dryer Others Refrigerated dryer

Pressure Vessel Standards

N/A ASME California Seismic Zone California-LA Code Massachusetts code Others TUV

Pressure Vessel Materials

N/A Carbon steel, enamel exterior finish only Carbon steel, epoxy-coated interior/exterior Carbon steel, epoxy-lined interior Others Stainless steel, 304 Stainless steel, 316

Additional Information


N/A Design Installation Maintenance Manufacturing Repair

Industries Served

N/A Fire Services General Industrial and Commercial Marine Medical Military Offshore


N/A Automotive Brewery Bulk Handling & Lifting Chemical Processing Compressed Air Foam Diesel Engine Starting Fermentation & Sewer Gas Food Processing Hyper Baric Chambers Industrial Inert Blanketing Injector Testing Instrument Control Laboratory Medical and Dental Off-Shore Platforms OSHA Grade D Breathing Air Others Pond Aeration Printing Service Trucks Shipboard Tank Car Unloading Tool Air Valve Operation Vapor Recovery