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Universal Air & Gas Products Corp.
Self-Contained Standard Precipitators - Model Series: Mi (with Integral Blower/Motor Assembly)- 800 Though 6000 CFM

Mi-series: This product range is self-contained, utilizing its own built in squirrel cage blower and motor assembly. Typically the units are free standing or suspended from the ceiling. Source capture applications use a pickup hose assembly to draw mist or smoke directly from it source and into the precipitator for cleaning much like a vacuum cleaner. Mi-series units are built only with industrial cells as described above under the I-series. Blower and motor assemblies are designed to accommodate the SCFM throughput of the application with consideration for internal and external static pressure losses. Mi-series housings are made of cold rolled steel that is primed and finished in enamel. Single tier and two tier configurations are available in sizes ranging from 800-CFM to 6000-CFM.
Unit of Measure


Nominal Rating1 N/A 170 m³/min6000 cfm

Cabinet Material

N/A 16 gauge, Cold Rolled Steel (Std.) Primed with Enamel Finish

Cell(s) Material

N/A Aluminum (Std.) Hastelloy Stainless Steel

Unit Weight

N/A 700 lbs


N/A 41.25 in


N/A 41.5 in


N/A 65.75 in

Inlet Duct Height

N/A 33.75 in

Inlet Duct Width

N/A 62.25 in

Outlet Duct Height

N/A 12.25 in

Outlet Duct Width

N/A 14.375 in

Collecting Cell Height

N/A 18 in

Collecting Cell Width

N/A 21.25

Collecting Cell Depth

N/A 12.56

Collecting Cell Weight

N/A 32

Unit Operating Current Range

N/A 1.5 to 2.1 mA

Collector Voltage (DC)

N/A 7200 to 8800 V

Ionizer Voltage Gradient (DC) @ 8000 VDC

N/A 11158 V/in

Collector Voltage Gradient (DC) @ 8000 VDC

N/A 24768 V/in

Collector Plates Insulator and Diameter

N/A Collector plates are suspended with four, 2.25" diameter ceramic insulators.

Power Pack Description

N/A Solid state design, controls include: circuit breaker with manual reset, LED
Power on light, ammeter, variable rheostat, safety interlock switch. Power packs can be unit or remote mounted.

Power Pack. Quantity

N/A 2

Pre & Post Filter

N/A Washable, aluminum mesh mechanical pre-and post cell filters.

Blower Motor

Motor Type


Motor Power

N/A 1.5 hp

Motor Speed

N/A 1725 rpm

Power Requirements

N/A 115V, 220V-1 ph, 50/60 Hz

Electrical Design

N/A NEMA 1, 60 Hz (Std) 50 Hz or NEMA 3, 4, 4X or 12

Motor Drive Design

N/A Flexible V-belt Variable Sheave

Blower Type

N/A Forward cure with sealed ball bearings mounted with rubber grommets to reduce noise and vibration; belt driven.

Blower Power

N/A 700 rpm

Air Cleaner Specifications

Air Cleaner Type

N/A Two stage, dry, electrostatic precipitator


N/A Atmospheric dust spot 91%; cold DOP 96%

Efficiency Test Method

N/A ASHRAE 52-76

Quantity at Cell Size - Each

N/A 6 x 1000 cfm

Total Collector Plate Surface

N/A 57888 in²

Plate Spacing

N/A 0.323 in

Air Velocity

N/A 415 ft/min

Ionizer Specifications

Ionizer Voltage (DC)

N/A 7200 to 8800 V

Ionizer Type

N/A Integral to collecting cell, supported without ceramic insulators, tungsten wire electrodes (standard), optional electrode materials available.

Ionizer Electrode Diameter

N/A 0.007 in

Ionizer Suspension

N/A Stainless steel wire springs at each electrode end.

Other Options Available

Water Wash Manifolds

N/A Copper manifold (pipe) with wide angle spray nozzles; single side wash.

System Cleaning

N/A Fully Automatic Wash and Dry Cycle with or without detergent injection. Manually Initiated

Source Capture Plenums

N/A Specifically designed for the application

Filter Manifolds

N/A Pre and post filter racks designed per requirement for HEPA or charcoal.

Electrical Controls

N/A Custom designed options in relay logic or PLC


N/A Technical data and design features are subject to change without prior notification
Consult factory for larger models.

  • 1 Consult with factory or an authorized representative for proper model selection.