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Universal Air & Gas Products Corp.
Residential Slimline Precipitators - Model Series: S4 (In-Duct) 2 1/2 Ton through 4 Ton Units

D-series: Residential applications require an option for top-in, side-out airflow; or simple horizontal airflow. The D-series cabinet design accommodates this variable with two separate cabinet designs. Cabinets are made of cold rolled steel factory primed and finished in enamel. The D-series uses our full size, full efficiency cell dimensions. The same dimensions are used for the commercial and industrial cell designs; however, the materials of construction and the number of structural support members used within the cell are different. In overview, the D-series cell uses eight tie rod supports for its collector plates; its ionizing section is supported with ceramic insulators; and its end plates are made of galvanized steel. Otherwise, the D-series cell has collector plates, spacers and an ionizing section that are identical with the materials and dimensions of the commercial and industrial cell designs described below.
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Item #

Air Flow

Air Flow Capacity

Air Conditioner Capacity

W - Width

X - Duct Opening

Approx. Shipping Weight

S4-10H N/A Horizontal N/A 28.3 m³/min1000 cfm N/A 2 1/2 tons N/A 22 3/8 in N/A 19 5/8 in N/A 65 lbs
S4-12H N/A Horizontal N/A 34 m³/min1200 cfm N/A 3 tons N/A 25 13/16 in N/A 23 1/16 in N/A 70 lbs
S4-16H N/A Horizontal N/A 45.3 m³/min1600 cfm N/A 4 tons N/A 35 3/8 in N/A 32 5/8 in N/A 90 lbs
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