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Universal Air & Gas Products Corp.
  • Self-Contained Standard Precipitators - 800 Though 6000 CFM-1

    Self-Contained Standard Precipitators - Model Series: Mi (with Integral Blower/Motor Assembly)- 800 Though 6000 CFM

    Mi-series: This product range is self-contained, utilizing its own built in squirrel cage blower and motor assembly. Typically the units are free standing or suspended from the ceiling. Source capture applications use a pickup hose assembly to draw mist or smoke directly from it source and into the precipitator for cleaning much like a vacuum cleaner. Mi-series units are built only with industrial cells as described above under the I-series. Blower and motor assemblies are designed to accommodate the SCFM throughput of the application with consideration for internal and external static pressure losses. Mi-series housings are made of cold rolled steel that is primed and finished in enamel. Single tier and two tier configurations are available in sizes ranging from 800-CFM to 6000-CFM.