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Universal Air & Gas Products Corp.
Universal Air & Gas Products Corporation (UAPC) has decades of successful experience in turn-key, alternate fuels system design and construction. Gas compression, storage, dispensing, regulation and controls are all available from UAPC. Similar expertise is applied to government, military and industry applications. These applications include process, inert and synthetic gas systems; breathing, medical and sterile air applications built to virtually any USA or international standard.

Some of the services that are provided for the production of digester, landfill, biogas, hydrogen and syngas systems are:
  • Consulting
  • System design/engineering services
  • In house CAD design capabilities
  • Standard and custom designed compression skid packages
  • Gas treatment systems
  • Construction management
Certified field service technicians and engineers support UAPC systems during installation and startup. As needed or long-term maintenance agreements are also available, which provide for routine or comprehensive technical site supervision. Documentation packages are extensive. This facilitates detailed maintenance, appropriate parts inventory, modification or upgrade provisions for the life of the installation.
Unit of Measure


Compressor Types

N/A Duplex (Multiple Compressors) Reciprocating Rotary Rotary Vane

Lubrication Options

N/A Oil Lubricated Oil-Free Oil-Less

Cooling Options

N/A Air Cooled Aftercooler Air Cooled Compressor Block Air Cooled Entirely Air Cooled Intercooler (If Multi-Staged) Water Cooled Aftercooler Water Cooled Compressor Block Water Cooled Entirely Water Cooled Intercooler (If Multi-Staged)

Installation Site

N/A Hazardous (Explosive gas or dust potentially present) Inside Inside-Water Exposed Outside Outside-Salt Air Exposed Outside-Weather Exposed

Types of Media

N/A Biogas Digester Hydrogen Landfill Other Low Pressure Fuel Gas Applications Syngas Wastewater

Drive Type

N/A Electric Engine Gas Hydraulic

Electrical Standards:

N/A NEMA IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) IP Code (International Protection Rating) CSA (Canadian Standards Association)

Electric Motor Standards

N/A IEC Standard NEMA Standard

Electric Motor Options

N/A Direct Coupled Explosion Proof Flexible V-Belt Drive Fungus Protection Mill & Chemical Duty Open Drip Proof (ODP) Space Heater Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)

Gas Dryer Options

N/A Desiccant dryer Membrane dryer Others Refrigerated dryer

Pressure Vessel Standards

N/A ASME California Seismic Zone California-LA Code Massachusetts code Others TUV

Pressure Vessel Materials

N/A Carbon steel, enamel exterior finish only Carbon steel, epoxy-coated interior/exterior Carbon steel, epoxy-lined interior Others Stainless steel, 304 Stainless steel, 316

Standard Compression Systems

Standard Compression System Models

N/A Duplex, Enclosed Compressor Systems Enclosed Compressor Systems Large Compressor System (Air Cooled) Large Compressor Systems (Water Cooled) Small Compressor Systems

Power (Electric Motor) Range

N/A 5 to 300 hp

Inlet Pressure

N/A 1 inch WC or higher

Maximum Discharge Pressure

N/A 6000 psig

Flow (Subject to Inlet/Outlet Conditions) Rate

N/A 5 to 1030 scfm

Compression Stages

N/A 3 to 5, Subject to Inlet Conditions

Cooling System Design Options

N/A Air Water

Electrical Classification (USA)

N/A NEC NEMA Design 7, Class 1, Division 2, Group C, D

Electrical Voltage

N/A 200 to 575 V

Electrical Phase (Ph)

N/A 1 Ph to 10HP 3 Ph all HP

Standard Compression System Features

  • Structural steel base frame, fork-liftable
  • Full system steel enclosure with oil-resistant, sound and ambient insulation; ventilation louvers and fans; pitched roof with ridge vents, heat reflective roof panels; lift-off (trigger latch) 16 gauge steel access panels
  • PLC (programmable logic control)
  • Digital message board with fault history and real time readings for all sensors
  • Common fault indicator light for programmed shutdown conditions
  • Full voltage motor starter and electrical control system mounted and wired
  • Control voltage circuit with step-down transformer
  • Motor overloads
  • Power-on light
  • Emergency kill (mushroom) switch
  • On-off switch for start/stop control (two-way switch)
  • Face gauge panel, including 1st stage thru final discharge pressure and oil pressure
  • Face gauge for final system pressure prior to the pressure maintaining valve
  • Discharge pressure sensor with infinite setting control and multiple set points
  • Low and high inlet pressure sensor
  • Low oil pressure sensor
  • High outlet temperature sensor (1st & 4th stages)
  • Contacts provided for remote monitoring of system controls
  • Built-in air cooled intercoolers and aftercooler
  • Moisture separation, all stages
  • Auto condensate drainage, all stages
  • Cartridge dryer / filtration manifold, installed
  • Forced lubrication system with oil pump and filter
  • Crankcase breather piped to inlet or vent (subject to inlet conditions)
  • Automatic compressor unloading system with vented to vapor recovery tank
  • Non-return valve at discharge
  • Minimum pressure valve at discharge
  • Finish paint in blue or light gray enamel
  • ASME, inlet gas surge tank with pressure gauge and gas tight relief valve
  • Integrated vapor recovery system with ASME storage vessel regulated to system inlet
  • Detailed general arrangement, electrical and flow diagrams for customer review and approval prior to system construction
  • Detailed operations, maintenance and parts manuals provided in electronic or hard copy format (Standard English, alternate languages available at option)

Compression System Options

  • Completely custom designs
  • Larger horse power ( kW)
  • Loose starter and/or electrical controls for mounting remotely at the job site
  • Reduced voltage starter (wye-delta, solid state or VFD)
  • Wired / wireless (LAN and/or WAN) based controls with monitoring capabilities (HMI and/or SCADA)
  • Combination style disconnect switch for the motor starter
  • Inlet pressure regulation
  • Outlet pressure regulation
  • Off-shore base frame (skid) design with lifting eye and drag provisions
  • Vapor recovery tank pressure or temperature sensors
  • Analog controls rather than PLC
  • Custom programming of the PLC
  • Inlet or discharge gas filtration
  • Finish paint in epoxy and/or customer’s color selection
  • Hot dip galvanized structural steel base frame
  • Installation & startup
  • Aftermarket technical support or site services
  • Manuals provided in languages other than English
  • Closed loop air to water heat exchanger
  • Closed loop salt water to fresh water heat exchanger
  • Closed loop water chiller
  • Open frame design (Elimination of the full system enclosure)
  • Others

Additional Information


N/A Design Installation Maintenance Manufacturing Repair Testing and Certification

Industries Served

N/A Fire Services General Industrial and Commercial Marine Medical Military Offshore